Hotel Canino Casa Pastor Real

If you go on vacation, for a weekend or if for any other reason you can not stay with your dog, leave it at the Canil Hotel in Casa Pastor Real. You will be treated as if you were in your own home by professionals with a great breeding experience and true dedication to this wonderful animal, the dog will not lack high quality food, caring, hygiene, safety, space to run and play with other friends Canines (if you like), vet monitoring, which ensure your health and well-being.

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Dogs to stay at the Casa Pastor Real Kennel hotel must meet the following conditions:
Do not suffer from infectious diseases;

Completely vaccinated, within the validity period, for the following diseases:
Esgana; Hepatitis; Leptospirosis; Parvovirus; Kennel cough;

Internally and externally sprayed;
Accompanied by the vaccine book

Price Table


  • Time to combine.
  • Stays – Daily
  • Stay – € 15.00
  • Stay with medication – € 16.00
  • Stay with specific training -25,00 €
  • Transportation – € 1.00 / kmNote: These prices include in addition to the stay, food and veterinary assistance.
    Treatment diets are provided by customers.